Brian C. Lewis, Senior Software Engineer

556 Welton Falls Road
Alexandria, NH  03222


Software engineering specialist with experience developing applications and system-level
projects. Combines an extensive background with good business sense and an appreciation
for the end user. Exceptional communication skills.

Applications development experience on PCs as well as mainframes, using C, C++, MFC, SAS,
Excel, Access, COBOL, Assembly language, Basic, and FORTRAN. Environments include
Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95, DOS, CICS, MVS, and VM.

Professional Experience

Spearheaded the effort to get USA Jet Airlines into CASS, the Cockpit Access Security System.
Wrote most of the required code (ColdFusion); developed and documented the processes for
managing and auditing the system.

Participated in the System Requirements Specifications for StorageTek's Central Archive Manager
Synthetic Backup project.  Worked on the Architecture team gathering requirements for running
REELBackup on the new Access Controller

For IBM Global Services' facilities management contract with Lucent Technologies, wrote software
in support of the storage management function.

for JES2 and JES3.  New user exits eliminated the dependence on software that had been
developed by AT&T and for which support was no longer available.  Consolidated the
two user exits' source code to reduce duplicate maintenance.

providing warning messages to prevent critical situations.

Previously, was a principal engineer in the development of StorageTek's Host Software
Component for the robotic Automated Cartridge Library. Was an integral part of the HSC
Release 2.0.0 team from initial design through General Availability.

of scratch tape counts and thresholds.  Fixed several outstanding customer problems,
while enabling the future development of the low-scratch threshold warning command.

eliminating the need for each program to have its own. In addition to the normal dump
and clean-up functions, the routine provides diagnostic messages to expedite problem

STORMON - which optimized the use of DASD at MCI.

network growth and a ten-fold traffic increase.  Besides its primary function, the
system identified an RBOC over-billing problem, resulting in a credit of $4 million to MCI.

functions, qualifying MCI for a significant maintenance discount.

Professional History

September 1999 - present

Owner, BCLEWIS.COM, Louisville, Colorado

December 1996 - August 1999

I/T Specialist, IBM Global Services, Boulder, Colorado

April 1990 - December 1996

Senior Software Engineer, HSC Development;
Staff Software Engineer, HSC Change Team
Storage Technology Corporation, Louisville, Colorado

October 1983 - March 1990

Senior Staff Specialist, Storage Management Group;
Senior Systems Analyst, Network Traffic Analysis Section
MCI Telecommunications, Rockville, MD and Arlington, VA

October 1979 - October 1983

Senior Management Analyst, Business Management Division;
Systems Analyst, New Projects Group
RAILINC Corporation, Association of American Railroads,
Washington, DC

February 1977 - August 1979

Senior Programmer/Analyst
OCLC, Inc. and Neoterics, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

January 1973 - September 1976

Ohio State University Hospitals Computer Center,
Columbus, Ohio


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Special Area major (Computer Science)
The Ohio State University, December, 1976