Purchasers/Users of Brian Lewis’s Photographs

National publications
Sports Illustrated
Mountain Pilot
Athlon Publications (covers)
College Sports
USA Today
National Lampoon
The Sporting News
Air Line Pilot (cover)
American Football Quarterly
Local/Regional publications
The Washington Post
The Washington Star
The Louisville Times
The Denver Post
Federal Aviation Administration (Denver FSDO)
University of Colorado
The Ohio State University
University of Maryland
American University
George Washington University
University of Denver
Auburn University
University of San Francisco
University of Illinois
Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference
Rose Bowl Committee
Colorado Pilots Association
Midwest Basketball News
Hofstra University
Syracuse University
University of Kansas
Marshall University
University of Minnesota-Duluth
University of Utah
Colorado Xplosion
Washington Federals
Downtown Athletic Club
Baltimore Orioles
Columbus Clippers
Pepperdine University
Hammerhead Software, Inc.
Soaring Society of America
International League
Big Ten
University of Virginia
Temple University
Georgetown University 
Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc. 
Mountain Aviation Services
Ski Racing International
Boulder Daily Camera
Columbia University